A popular sport played by many and the facts are read by more than many. Well, sort of.

  • Soccer is also known as association football.
  • A game of soccer consists of two teams of eleven players and a soccer/foot ball that normally has a circumference of 71 cm (28 inches).
  • Soccer is played by more than 250 million players in at least 200 countries.
  • Soccer tournaments have been in the Olympics since 1936.
  • The rules of soccer were established in 1863 by the Football Association in England.  There are 17 official rules.

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Soccer/Foot Ball
Image courtesy of Phaitoon/ Free Digital Photos
  • Positions in a soccer game include strikers, goalkeepers, defenders and midfielders.
  • A soccer field is normally 100-110 metres (110-120 yards) in length and 64-75 metres (70-80 yards).
  • An adult game of soccer usually runs for 105 minutes – 45 minute halves and a fifteen minute break.
  • The yellow and red card, yellow – ‘warning’, red- ‘your off the field’, were introduced in the 1970 FIFA cup.
  • At the soccer World Cup, approximately 190-200 soccer teams play in 32 nations, and play for four weeks every four years.
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  1. Val Laird says:

    My father was a soccer coach and my brother was a soccer player.

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