Granny Smiths

Apples for Grannies!

  • One of the many apple cultivars is the Granny Smith apple, which is crisp and crunchy, and ripens to a bright green colour.
  • Granny Smiths were first grown in a Sydney suburb, Eastwood, in Australia in 1868 and were named after the first grower of the apples, Maria Ann ‘Granny’ Smith, who had migrated from Sussex, England to New South Wales, Australia.
  • Maria Smith discovered Granny Smith apples growing near a creek on her farm, after she threw out some French crab apples, that originated in Tasmania, in the spot.
  • Granny Smiths are believed to be a hybrid of the French crab apple from the Malus family of crab apples, but like other hybrid mutation plants, the seeds of Granny Smiths will produce a different type of apple, thus all Granny Smiths grown today are cuttings from the original Granny Smith apple tree.
  • The New South Wales Government started growing Granny Smith apples in 1895, and began promoting them as a good export apple due to their ability to be stored for long periods.

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  • Granny Smith apples have a juicy tart and sweet taste, and are often eaten raw or in desserts, cider or salads.
  • Granny Smith apples are particularly high in antioxidants, compared with some other apples, while containing many other beneficial vitamins and minerals.
  • Granny Smiths are said to be the best apples to use in cooking, as they do not change their natural shape once cooked due to the high acid content.
  • Once cut, Granny Smiths are slow to turn brown, so the apples are often used in salads.
  • Granny Smiths were a major Australian export after World War 1, eventually becoming one of the most popular apples grown in Australia, and are now grown in countries around the world including New Zealand, Europe, South America and the United States.
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  1. Val Laird says:

    Thanks for all that great information about one of my favourite apples.

  2. Kaholly says:

    Wow! I had no idea! Thanks for posting all of this interesting information about Granny Smith apples. They are my favorite apple to just eat! I love the tart, yet sweet, taste.

  3. Shamala says:

    We can grow apple granny smith in Indian climate

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