Golf Ball

The golf ball sails through the plains.

  • Golf balls are balls that are used uniquely in the sport of golf, some of which are manufactured cheaply for casual play, but are not great quality.
  • Golf balls are usually tested to make sure they meet the standards of the US Golf Association or the Royal & Ancient governing bodies, and to be legal, the balls must never weigh more than 45.93 grams (1.62 ounces) and must be at least 4.267 centimetres (1.68 inches) in diameter.
  • Golf balls were originally made of wood and used from the 1300s to 1600s, and later spherical pouches made from leather were produced that contained boiled feathers, known as ‘featherie’ balls, and were used until the 1800s.
  • Featherie golf balls were costly and were worth two to five shillings, or what would cost USD $10 to $20 today.
  • Between the mid 1800s and the mid 1900s, golf balls used materials including gutta-percha sap, rubber and rubber thread, and during this time, it was discovered that balls with a textured surface were more reliable in the air than smooth ones.

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  • The modern style, resin covered golf balls were developed and produced in the 1960s, and they usually contain a rubber-like core.
  • The spherical dimpled design of golf balls was invented by the Englishman William Taylor, an engineer, in 1906, and the dimples increase the distance and height the ball moves, due to a decrease in drag.
  • Golf balls typically have 250 to 450 dimples, although one has had up to 1,070, and they are traditionally coloured, but not limited to, white.
  • Golf balls are often personally marked to prove easier finding and retrieval among other players’ balls, and since 1973, some balls have contained a radio transmitter so that they can be easily located, but they are not tournament legal.
  • The fastest recorded speed of a golf ball via a golf club in the world, up until mid 2014, was 378.35 kilometres/hour (235.1 miles/hour) by Ryan Winther, a champion golfer, from the United States.


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