Cardboard Box

The amazing invention, the cardboard box.

  • Cardboard boxes are boxes made up of thick, heavy, sturdy paper known as cardboard, and types include cereal boxes, storage boxes, packaging boxes and food boxes.
  • In 1817 in England, Sir Malcolm Thornhil produced the first commercially made cardboard box although they required significant labour to produce.
  • Scotsman Robert Gair invented much more economical precut and creased cardboard boxes in Brooklyn in the United States in the late 1870s, after he saw an opportunity when someone mistakenly chopped through thousands of his paper bags, instead of creasing them in his factory.
  • Nabisco ordered cardboard boxes in 1896 for their biscuits, and Kellogs for their cereal in the early 1900s, both of which significantly impacted the future of food packaging in boxes.
  • Cardboard boxes are used by children as toys, dress ups and other imaginary items.

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  • Cardboard boxes have become a symbol of homelessness, because some homeless people have used them as shelter.
  • Numerous cardboard boxes are thrown out everyday, but most types are recyclable, although those with special coatings can make this more difficult.
  • Early in the 20th century, cardboard boxes replaced wooden crates and boxes, being lighter and more practical.
  • In 2004, the architect Peter Ryan, from Melbourne, designed and built a livable house made from cardboard boxes.
  • In France there is a museum of cardboard and printing called Musée du Cartonnage et de l’Imprimerie, which features early cardboard boxes that were made to transport silkworm moths and eggs.
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