Birth of Jesus Christ

 Matthew 1:18a NIV
‘This is how the birth of Jesus the Messiah came about:’

    • Jesus was born in a stable, in Bethlehem, town of David.
    • Jesus’ parents were Mary (a virgin) and Joseph, and Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit.
    • Jesus’ parents were living in Nazareth at the time, but had to travel to Bethlehem for the census that was being taken.
    • Mary wrapped Jesus in cloth and placed him in a manger since there was no more space in the inn.
    • A heavenly host of angels appeared to shepherds and told them the good news of the birth, so they rushed off to find Jesus in the manger.
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  • On the 8th day, the boy was named Jesus, as foretold.
  • A king named King Herod tried to kill baby Jesus, since Jesus was considered as a ‘king’ and therefore a threat, so Jesus’ family fled to Egypt.
  • Some magi, or wise men, followed a bright star to the birth place of Jesus.
  • The magi gave Jesus three presents of frankincense, gold and myrrh.
  • Jesus was referred to as ‘King’, ‘Messiah’, ‘LORD’, ‘Saviour’ and ‘Christ’ on the occasion of his birth.
Holy Bible, New International Version, Luke 2 1973, NIV edn, Biblica Inc, <>

Holy Bible, New International Version, Matthew 1
1973, NIV edn, Biblica Inc, <>
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