Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is a dazzling place with 10 dazzling facts!

  • Ancient Egypt was established in 3100BC and fell to the Romans in 30BC.
  • The Ancient Egyptians invented Hieroglyphs, a symbolic language, around 3100BC.
  • The Karnak temple is the largest religious structure, which is still standing inEgypt, in the world. The full structure measures 80ha/200acres/809371m2 and took 500 years to complete.
  • The biggest pyramid in the world is the largest pyramid of Giza. It’s base measures 53,000m2.
  • The pyramids of Giza contain approximately 2,300,000 stone bricks.

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 Pyramids in Egypt

Image courtesy of Arvind Balaraman / Free Digital Photos
  • Each stone brick in an Egyptian pyramid weighs about 2.5t/2500Kg.
  • The Rosetta stone, a slab of granite found at Rashid (Rosetta), contains the language of the Ancient Egyptians – hieroglyphs, demotic script and Ancient Greek. You can find the stone at the British Museum.
  • Ancient Egyptian pharaohs where known as sons of the gods, with royalty and power.
  • The Ancient Egyptians mastered ship building around 3000BC.
  • Slaves were never used to construct the Ancient Egyptian pyramids.
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A History of Ancient Egypt: From the First Farmers to the Great Pyramid Ancient Egypt

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