Advanced trains and advanced facts.

  • A monorail is a single train track or rail which is normally a long concrete prism.
  • Monorail trains have two sets of wheels.  One set of wheels are used to support the train’s weight while the other set of wheels are used to grip onto the rail.
  • The electric current used to run the trains come from the rail.
  • About 30,000 visitors use monorails at Los Vegas, USA, every single day.
  • The world’s first monorail used for business purposes opened in Listowel, Ireland in 1888.
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  • The first monorail was invented in Russia in 1820.
  • Monorails currently transport 150 000 people everyday around Disneyland resorts and have been used in Disneyland since 1959.
  • Most trains hang above the rail but some trains hang below the rail.
  • Monorails are sometimes used at airports.
  • Monorails are free from traffic and people so are free to go anywhere and don’t use overhead wires.
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