A popular sport played by many and the facts are read by more than many. Well, sort of.

  • Soccer is also known as association football.
  • A game of soccer consists of two teams of eleven players and a soccer/foot ball that normally has a circumference of 71 cm (28 inches).
  • Soccer is played by more than 250 million players in at least 200 countries.
  • Soccer tournaments have been in the Olympics since 1936.
  • The rules of soccer were established in 1863 by the Football Association in England.  There are 17 official rules.

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Soccer/Foot Ball
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  • Positions in a soccer game include strikers, goalkeepers, defenders and midfielders.
  • A soccer field is normally 100-110 metres (110-120 yards) in length and 64-75 metres (70-80 yards).
  • An adult game of soccer usually runs for 105 minutes – 45 minute halves and a fifteen minute break.
  • The yellow and red card, yellow – ‘warning’, red- ‘your off the field’, were introduced in the 1970 FIFA cup.
  • At the soccer World Cup, approximately 190-200 soccer teams play in 32 nations, and play for four weeks every four years.
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1972 Summer Olympics

The 1972 Summer Olympics may have been one of the saddest Olympics ever, but as they always say, ‘The ten facts must go on!’

  • The 1972 Summer Olympics was held in Munich in West Germany. The opening ceremony started on August the 26th and the closing ceremony ended on September the 10th.
  • The 1972 Summer Olympic games’ logo was a blue solar sun, named ‘Bright Sun’ and the mascot was a colourful Dachshund dog, Waldi.
  • During the stages of the games, a terrorist group attacked and took hostage 11 Israeli athletes and coaches. The hostages were killed in a rescue attempt along with 5 of the terrorists and 1 West German police officer.
  • United States’ Mark Spitz set a word record for winning the most gold medals (7) in swimming events. Spitz was later beaten in 2008 by 1 medal.
  • Americans, Tommie Smith and John Carlos were banned from the Olympic games for eternity since they joked around and showed no respect when they got their medals on the podium.1972 Munich Olympics, Bright Sun, Logo, Ten Random Facts
‘Bright Sun’
  • Slalom canoeing was held for the first time at the 1972 Summer Olympic Games.
  • The top 5 nations to win medals were: on 5th place, Japan (29); 4th, West Germany (40); 3rd, East Germany (66); 2nd, United States (94); and 1st, Soviet Union (99).
  • The 1972 Summer Olympic games medals had a picture of the traditional goddess of victory, which has been used since the 1928 games.
  • 5,000 copies of the 1972 Olympic games’ posters were made for the occasion.
  • 11 new countries participated in the Olympic games for the very first time. These countries were Albania, Burkina Faso, Benin, Gabon, North Korea, Lesotho, Malawi, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Swaziland and Togo.
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