Ooh Pretty! Don’t you just love fireworks!?

  • Fireworks are explosive, chemical reacted projectiles that are typically shot in the air and are typically used for colourful entertainment and are sometimes used at religious occasions.
  • Fireworks date back to the tenth century China.
  • The largest firework display was for the 50th anniversary of Kuwait’s constitution in November 2012, and displayed 77,282 projectiles.
  • There are three classes of firework explosions: class A are highly explosive; class B are low explosive and not publicly sold; and class C are low explosive and are publicly sold.
  • The colour of a firework depends on the metal used. For example, a blue coloured firework contains copper metal.

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  • Some agriculture farmers use fireworks to scare off bird pests.
  • In most countries, people under the age of 18 are not permitted to buy or set off fireworks.
  • Fireworks make noises that sound like bangs (reports), crackles, hums or whistles, depending on the type of firework.
  • Fireworks project shells which explode in mid air or on the ground and can cause fires due to unextinguished flames.
  • Fireworks come in a variety of effects, numbering in the twenties, which include the ‘Chrysanthemum’, ‘Spider’, and ‘Cake’.
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USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive. It is a USB that flashes and drives. Well, not really.

  • A USB drive is removable hardware storage that is typically used for computers, although other systems like gaming consoles and smart-phones also now use USBs.
  • ‘USB’ stands for ‘Universal Serial Bus’, and the ‘flash’ in the full name of the USB drive means the USB writes to flash memory.
  • The first USB drive was invented in 1999 by the companies Amir Ban, Dov Moan and Orsn Ogdon.
  • Since September 2011, some USB drives could hold up to 256 GBs.
  • A USB drive has a typical shape of a flatter rectangular prism, but some USBs come in shapes of everyday items like pocket knives and pieces of LEGO.

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  • USB drives are newer compacted versions of the old floppy disc.
  • USB drives use very little power.
  • USB drives can fail and not work properly when they have been through to many ‘write and erase’ cycles.
  • Microsoft™ named the memory storage and called them USB Flash Drives, in 2005.
  • A typical USB drive contains a male A-plug, a USB mass storage controller device,  a flash memory chip, test points, a crystal oscillator, a LED light, a write-protect switch, and space for a second flash memory chip.
USB flash drive 17 November 2012 , Wikipedia, <>


Popular, smart phone.

  • The first release of the iPhone was on June, 29, 2007.
  • The iPhone was inspired by Sony’s™ products and the movie ‘Star Trek’.
  •  The iPhone can video, photograph, play music, send and receive emails, browse the web, send text mails, voice mail, and has the capability of many other functions as well, due to the numerous apps (applications) that can be downloaded.
  • The iPhone is developed by the Apple™ inc and is manufactured in China, by contract, by Foxcon™.
  • By 28th, June 2011, the iPhone had sold over 200 million products.

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  • There are six iPhone models- the iPhone original, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5.
  • The first five generations of iPhone (original to 4S) had a 9 cm (3.5 inch) liquid crystal touch screen with scratch proof glass and the iPhone 5 has a 10.2 cm (4 inch) screen.
  • iPhones can have a 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB or a 64GB memory storage.
  • The iPhone’s battery can be charged by electricity.
  • iPhones have built in virtual keyboards.
iPhone 11 November 2012 , Wikipedia, <>

Monster Truck

Big, no huge, no enormous, no GIGANTIC!

  • The first monster trucks were pickup trucks with large wheels and suspension.
  • Lots of monster truck competitions and shows contain doughnut, jumping, and crushing cars performances.
  • The first monster trucks were invented around the late 1970s.
  • The modern monster truck looks like and literally is a four wheel drive dune buggy.
  • The first trucks were made to claim the title of the ‘Worlds Biggest Truck’ competition.

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  • At the competition, the monster trucks ‘Bearfoot’, ‘King Kong’ and ‘Bigfoot’ gained the most attention.
  • Monster trucks have steering mechanisms at the front and the rear so they can turn sharper corners.
  • Drivers must wear fire suits, safety harnesses and helmets, as well as head and neck restraints.
  • Monster trucks have three switches which can cut off  its electricity and engine if anything goes bad.
  • The most famous and most popular monster trucks are ‘Bigfoot’ and ‘Grave Digger’.
Monster Truck 20 October 2012, Wikipedia, <>


Earplugs are used for many things but don’t block those facts!

  • Earplugs help protect from loud noises, hearing loss, tinnitus, water coming into the ears, dust or wind.
  • Wearing earplugs while diving is bad since the water and air will pressure your ears.
  • Earplugs can be made out of wax, silicone and memory foam.
  •  To insert foam earplugs into your ears you have to roll the earplug into a thin rod and pull back on your ear. Then gently push the plug deep into the ear canal and wait 20 seconds.
  • The first recorded use of earplugs was in Ancient Greece when Odysseus’ crewused the plugs to block out the sound of the Siren’s songs.

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  • Ross Gardner discovered modern earplug material, a type of foam, in 1967.
  • Musicians wear flanged earplugs in their ears during their loud performances.
  • Earplugs that are designed to prevent snoring may have parts of the plug that reduces the volume of the snoring so you cans still hear louder sounds.
  • Earplugs must be used carefully otherwise they could do serious damage. This damage can be the result of pressure of the air or water pushing on your ear or earwax and other grit in your ear that is pushing on your eardrum.
  • Special earplugs for flying are available.  They help to reduce pain associated with flying by equalising air pressure in the ear.
Earplug 17 October 2012, Wikipedia, <>


One of the most popular inventions is the stove, what would the world do without them? Well we need to know about them, what would the world do without facts!

  • A stove is an enclosed structure that uses fire or electricity which can be used to heat up the house or to cook.
  • The original meaning of the word ‘stove’ actually meant ‘a heated room’.
  •  There are many stove models that have been invented. The four main stove designs are the wood stove, which burns wood, the coal stove which burns coal and wood, the electric stove which runs on electricity and the enclosed stove which is enclosed versions of the models above.
  • Wood and coal burning stoves pollute the air by giving off lots of smoke and gas.
  • The benefit of stoves is that it is easier to control the heat, than an open fire.

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  • In 1735, Françios Cuvillés invented the first completely enclosed stove.
  • Metal stoves were invented in the 18th century and electric stoves were invented in the late 19th century.
  • The first fully enclosed metal cooking stove was invented in the 19th century but was too large to fit in a normal house.
  • A corn pellet generates the same heat in a stove as wood pellets.
  • In the United States, the maximum amount of smoke allowed to be let off from stoves is 7.5 grams per hour.
Stove 14 October 2012, Wikipedia, <>



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