Honey Bee

There are different variety of bees, including bumble bees and honey bees, so here are ten facts about the honey bee.

  • The black and yellow stripes on a honey bee’s back is a warning to people and animals which says ‘I will hurt’.
  • Honey bees have hooked claws to grab other insects for food.
  • A honey bee queen can produce more than 2,000 eggs a day in Summer.
  • Honey bees have 5 eyes. 3 eyes are small while the other 2 eyes are compound.
  • After 4 days a honey bee egg hatches into larvae. Then after 6 more days the larvae sheds its skin and become a pupa.

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  • The nurse bee seals the pupa in a wax cell for 10-12 days until a pupa becomes a worker honey bee.
  • Worker honey bees only live for about 6 weeks. A worker honey bee schedule; in week 1 the worker bee nurses the larvae, in week 2 the worker bee maintains the nest and for the remaining weeks, the worker bee forages nectar and other food.
  • The male honey bees are the drone  bees, who mate with the queen, while female honey bees are the workers, doing a variety of jobs.
  • The honey bee queen produces a special type of chemical that stops other female bees from breeding and having eggs.
  • Worker honey bees communicate by touching other bees with their antennae and doing a special dance.
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