Spider Plant

No, it is not a spider, it’s a spider plant.

  • Spider plants are an evergreen, perennial herb and are generally grown for their long arching foliage.
  • Spider plants are native to the African tropics and southern Africa.
  • Spider plants grow from 30 to 60 cm (12 – 24 inches) tall and are often grown in hanging baskets.
  • The scientific name for spider plant is chlorophytum comosum and they belong to the Asparagaceae family.
  • The most common spider plant species are variegated and have green leaves with a white stripe in the centre, or dark green leaves with white stripes on the outside.

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  • Spider plants can be damaged by fluoride or boron.
  • Spider plants grow ‘babies’, called ‘plantlets’ along runners that grow from the main bush, giving the plant a spidery look.
  • Spider plants grow best in temperatures that are 18°C – 32°C (65°F – 90°Fbut can grow at temperatures as low as 2°C (35°).
  • Spider plants are great indoor air cleaners, and 15 spider plants would purify the air of an average size house.
  • Spider plants grow quickly and produce small white flowers.
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