Military Decoration

Military decorations look quite prestigious.

  • Military decorations are ornamental items that also represent status or achievement, awarded to and warn by members of the military.
  • Military decorations are often given as a token of recognition for courage, service and bravery during a certain situation, such as participation in a war.
  • Honours and awards, similar to military decorations can be awarded to members of the general public for their bravery and service, notably fire fighters and police.
  • The ancient Romans, Egyptians and Celts awarded military decorations to their soldiers and military leaders.
  • The Polish award named the ‘War Order of Virtuti Militari’, the Latin term for ‘military virtue’, first bestowed in 1792, is among the earliest and most senior military decorations still available for nomination.

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  • Military decorations are sometimes illegally replicated, sold and worn, and the offence can lead to serious consequences like jail.
  • Bravery, campaign and service awards, are common military decorations awarded today, and orders of merit can also be awarded, although they are not necessarily restricted to the military.
  • Military decorations often come in the form of ribbons, badges or medals, and multiple decorations are often worn at a time.
  • Awardees of military decorations are typically nominated by someone not directly related to the recipient, typically submitted to the government’s military department by other military personnel.
  • Military decorations come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, and stars, crosses and circles are common shapes.
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