Mamey Sapote

Mamey sapote is an exotic name for an exotic fruit.

  • Mamey sapote is a variety of tropical fruit, native to parts of Central America, and Mexico in North America.
  • ‘Mamey sapote’ is also known as ‘marmalade plum’, ‘mamee sapote’, ‘marmalade fruit’, ‘zapotillo’, ‘zapote’, ‘sapote’, and ‘mammee apple’, among other names.
  • The scientific name of the mamey sapote tree is Pouteria sapota and it is from the family Sapotaceae, a family of flowering trees and shrubs.
  • Mamey sapote can be ovoid or almost spherical in shape, and the fruit is usually between 7.5 and 23 centimetres (3 to 9 inches) long.
  • The skin of Mamey sapote fruit is generally somewhat rough to touch and brown in colour, while the flesh is soft when ripe, and pink, orange or red in colour.
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Mamey Sapote
Image courtesy of I Like Plants/Flickr
  • The taste of mamey sapote is reminiscent of sweet potatoes, peaches, pumpkins and apricots.
  • Mamey sapote can be eaten fresh or frozen, used to flavour dairy-based products such as ice-cream or milkshakes, and can be made into jams and preserves.
  • A single mamey sapote fruit can weigh from 0.4 to 2.3 kilograms (0.9 to 5 pounds) in weight.
  • Despite its large size, mamey sapote is botanically considered a berry, and the fruit usually contains one large brown seed, though some varieties may have up to four.
  • Mamey sapote fruit are high in vitamin B6 and vitamin C, and contain many other vitamins and minerals.
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