Floods are real bad!

  • Floods are the world’s deadliest natural disaster and happens when water overflows its usual gathering place.
  • The deadliest known flood in history was the China flood in 1931, which killed 2.5 – 3.7 million people.
  •  Flash floods are floods that appear quickly and are short and destructive and normally take place on slopes and mountains.
  • Flooding brings diseases and chemicals to towns which can kill many people.
  • The most common ways people die due to floods, are when people try to cross flood waters, or are trapped in their house.

2010 -2011 December - January Warwick Floods, Queensland Australia floods, Condamine river, Ten Random Facts, Broken road, bridge

  • Sometimes the government purposely floods other areas to avoid mass destruction of  high populated areas.
  • Sloped flood barriers, normally steel or plastic, sand bags, walls and bridges are used to help defend flood waters.
  • When evacuating from floods, boats are typically used, although sometimes people are air lifted via helicopter.
  • People should not enter flood waters due to the dangers of diseases, underground hazards or sea animals, including sharks.
  • People use computers and 3D maps to help predict where floods will appear and there extent, as well as flood likeliness in a particular area.
Mason, P 2011, Floods, Macmillian Library, Australia
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