Is everyone buttoned up?

  • Buttons are small inventions typically used on textile items to fasten two pieces of fabric to each other, though they may purely be used for decorative purposes.
  • Buttons are most frequently used on clothing, although they are often used on bags, cushion covers and other fabric items.
  • The oldest known button relic was found in modern day Pakistan, in Asia, and is believed to have belonged to the ancient Asian civilisation of the Indus Valley, dating back to almost 3000 BC.
  • Buttons were used for the purpose of decoration, or fastening fabric that was used for clothing, in Ancient China, Ancient Rome, and also Ancient Greece.
  • Buttons come in all shapes and sizes, traditionally circular, but also square, triangular, and other shapes, and they usually have two or four holes in the top, or a shank that is moulded or attached to the base.

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  • Seashells, bones, horn, metal and wood were used to craft buttons in ancient times, however in modern times, they are generally made from plastic, though shell, wood and metal are sometimes used.
  • The first predominant modern use of buttons originates in Europe around the 13th century, possibly in France or Germany, and they quickly became popular, as did the newly invented buttonhole.
  • Buttons are typically secured to an object with thread, either through the holes on the top or in the shank hidden underneath the invention, although some are riveted.
  • A measurement system, known as ‘lignes’, is often used to determine the size of buttons, where 40 lignes are equivalent to one inch (2.54 centimetres).
  • Buttons are available in a wide variety of patterns and colours, and traditionally, some artists have used them as a platform for their art, generally decorating the top face.
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