Versatile almonds!

  • The almond nut grows on a deciduous almond tree which fruits in Autumn.
  • The fruit of an almond tree is called a drupe, which contains the seed – the edible almond nut.
  • The almond nut is native to Mediterranean areas of the Middle East.
  • The USA produced 1.41 billion kg (1.41 million tonnes) of almonds in 2010, followed by Spain with 0.22 billion kg ( 0.22 million tonnes).
  • An average almond nut measures 3.5-6 cm (1-2 inches) in length.

Almonds, Brown, Nuts, Ten Random Facts

  • Normally, one almond nut is found in an almond drupe, but sometimes there can be two.
  • Almond nuts are usually eaten roasted or raw or can be ground and used for baking purposes, often as an alternative to wheat flour.  Almond butter, almond milk  and almond oil or other products produced from almonds.
  • Almond nuts are a high source of vitamin E.
  • Almond nuts absorb smell easily.
  • Almond nuts contains 28 nutrients.

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